Name: Blue Deiter

Species: Cat

Hair: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Fur: Yellow



Blue Deiter's life before coming to Sherup was an absolute nightmare; her mother was an abusive, selfish, cruel alcholic who frequently neglected her and brought her jerk boyfriends over. Tired of this, Blue ran away at the age of ten, and wound up in Sherup, where she was taken in by her older sister, Roxanne (She would only find out they were blood sisters years later). The oldest and least mature of the original four, Blue was frequently raising hell, getting to fights with Tipper, talking her friends into doing stupid things, ect. Over the years, she has matured quite a bit, and has started to cool things over with Tipper. She is currently employed as a bartender, and shares an house with her friend Joy, and her half-brother Isaac until he moved out after he broke up with Joy.


In the beginning, Blue was selfish, lazy, tempermental, aggresive, and mischivieous. She also seemed to have picked up dating habits from her mother, as she's never had a steady relationship. Following the birth of her niece, Blue slowly grew up and lost the selfishness... although she's still a little lazy.


Usually seen with her jean jacket and blue jeans. Blue's physique is pretty average, but one year two strip suggests a big butt, apparently from eating too many Twinkies. According to Ian Telford, Isaac's father, she resembles her mother somewhat.


  • Roxanne Huss-Deiter (sister)
  • Dmitri Huss (brother in law)
  • Daisy Huss (niece)
  • Isaac Telford (half brother)
  • Mallory Duck (cousin)
  • Chysanthemum Deiter (mother, who cares?)
  • Unnamed Father (unknown; if alive, may appear in a future strip)