Name: Charles O'Donnel

Hair: Aubrun

Eyes: Auburn

Fur: Gray

Personal Quote: TBA


Charles grew up living with his cousin, Gabby, while his mother was on the run from loan sharks she owed money to, and formed a brother-sister bond with Gabby. As an adult, Charles became a student teacher at the local college Gabby and Tipper went to. He earned something of a reputation as a (in Tipper's own words before they were married) "power hungry mongrel", due to his attitude there. Following the death of his mother, he moved in with Tipper, who was a student in the class he assisted in, and who called told him what a jerk he was to his face, and moving in with her, and Gabby, Charles quickly developed feelings for the former, and vice versa, and asked her to marry him. They were married in the fall of 2008, and currently live in an apartment with Gabby and their childhood friend, Joan. Charles and Tipper, when not making references to their sex life, are almost always seen arguing on-camera. Charles seems to find his wife immature, or ridiculous, and sometimes lies to her in order to escape spending time with her.


Charles is a rather complex person (or wolf, as the case may be); there are times when he seems gruff and strict, and times when he's a nice guy.


  • Tipper Namir-O'Donnell (wife)
  • Snickers Namir (sister in law)
  • Twix Dorpe-Namir (brother in law)
  • Cersie Namir (niece)
  • Gabby Ramos (cousin)
  • Unnamed mother (deceased)
  • Unnamed father
  • Marla O'Donnell (half-sister, in You Say it First)