Name: Isaac Teleford

Hair: Dark Blue

Eyes: Burgundy

Fur Color: Dark Beige


Back in the late 1980s, Isaac's dad fell in love with Blue's mom, but all he was to her was a built-in baby-sitter for Blue. Even before Isaac was born the two had broken up... forcing Isaac's father to leave Blue behind. Isaac always knew he had a sister, but after his father remarried she was never spoken about again. Isaac felt he was to blame for the way Blue ended up and decided he would do his best to make things right with her.

Not much is known about his high school days, but he went to the same school with Murray and Bendly (Cedric's former comic assistants and friends) and thought they were his friends. It wasn't mutual; they were jealous of how he got the ladies with his indie cred charms, and they didn't. Isaac is still oblivious to their dislike of him and considers them good friends.


Isaac isn't the brightest of people, but he's honest enough. He fell for Joy quickly, but his immaturity has been a problem for the two. Blue isn't thrilled by the idea that Isaac and Joy like each other, but has given up trying to sway them. Isaac was one of Charles's students (unfortunately for him, knowing Charlesoutside of the classroom didn't make the time in class any better for him). He talked about transferring, but never did.

He has a very jealous streak to him, and can be harsh with other men. With women, he can be a bit unintentionally flirtatious... which I'm sure comes from his mother's side of the gene pool. He also willingly goes along with the group, which could mean he's a bit of a follower, or a poser. He purchased a rather pricey doll to fit in with Joy and Falco, but seems to enjoy the hobby with them.