Name: Joy Satu

Species: Rabbit

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Red

Fur: Pink/White


The nice girl of the original four, Joy comes from a large (VERY large) family. Kind and caring, Joy was the voice of reason amongst her friends, usually trying to quell the fights from Tipper and Blue. Joy was dating BoB in the first year of the strip, but eventually broke things off. She then briefly dated a doctor at the hospital she voluenteered at, but broke up with him when he revealed how pathetic he really was, stating that his mother didn't approve of their relationship. Joy currently is employed as a teacher at a kindergarten, shares a house with Blue, and for a time dated Blue's half-brother, Issac.


Joy has shown herself to be a very sweet girl, but can tend to be over-sensitive and a bit of a drama queen. She used to be easily led and manipulative but after her bad relationship experiences (BoB and Dr. Fitzgerald are prime examples) she has developed a more independant personality and is a stronger person for it, especially since she quit medical school and became what she really wanted; to work with children and became a Kindergarten teacher.

Joy loves children and the idea of marriage, but as the comic has progressed and she has grown up, she's became less dependant on that dream and she has realised recently that although her family all married and had children at a young age, she doesn't have to and would rather wait for the right person.