Name: Tipper Namir-O'Donnel

Hair: White

Eyes: Brown

Fur: White and Yellow-Orange

Character Quote: "Don't leave me with her-She's PMSing!"


Tipper was the youngest of the original four, and often got into the most trouble. She originally had a short hair style, which according to the others in the group, made her look like a boy. Her relationship with her parents could best be described as strained: Her mother was frequently absent, and her father walked out on the family when she was a child, leaving her older sister, Snickers, to usually take care of her. Throughout the strip, Tipper has had three boyfriends, but two of them were doomed relationships: Her first boyfriend, Devlin, cheated on her, and had his lights knocked out by Tip (described by Blue as "the best Christmas ever!"); her second, Cedric, had jealousy issues, and Tipper broke up with him after the senior prom. The third and most recent, her slightly older (by eight years) college professor Charles O'Donnell, was the most enduring, and successful, as they are currently married. Charles fills in for the father figure neither of them had, while Tipper acts like a child, sulking and yelling until she gets her way. Like in most daughters without prominent father figures in their childhoods, Tipper immediately turns to sex in order to fix relationship issues between her and Charles.

Personality Edit

When she first appeared, Tipper was immature, childish, impulsive, whiney, and hard to dissuade from doing something. Eleven years later, she's a little more mature and less impulsive.


As mentioned above, Tipper's hair was originally a boyish style, but by year three of the strip, she grew it out, and it currently reaches to her shoulders. she has yellow-orange ears, and circles around her eyes, and has white fur and hair. Her arms, tail, and legs are white and yellow-orange too. Physically, she's in okay shape, possibly due to her dancing.


Major StorylinesEdit