Name: Twix Dorpe-Namir

Hair: White

Fur: Orange and White

Eyes: Brown

Quote: "HOY!"


Twix is Bob's cousin, beleive it or not. The full story is that on the day Twix was born, an incompetent nurse at the hospital he was born in accidentally switched the newborns, so while the real Dorpe baby was taken to who knows where (possibly Russia), Twix was raised as a member of the Dorpe family. In his first appearance, he meets and falls in love with his future wife, Snickers (though a retcon story reveals that he had seen her several times prior, and wanted so badly to meet her). After several dates, the two eloped after getting drunk on sparkling apple cider, and months later were married for real. Twix took Snicker's name at first, and double-barrelled it at the second wedding. The two currently run Twix's family flower shop, and have a daughter, Cerise.


Twix is a nice guy, and a devoted husband and father, who has the unusual quirks of saying the Jerry Lewis-esque "hoy!" when shocked, and dressing in formal clothing. Also tends to be oblivious to the obvious sometimes. Very afraid of clowns.

Twix also tends to have the "eccentric gentleman" personality and can be quite the charmer, especially when he and Snickers went on their first date. He's an intelligent guy and has shown to be creative in his endeavours, but like most creative and intelligent people, he can get stressed quickly.


Looks like a male Tipper, but with shorter hair. He's a ginger Tabby.


  • Snickers Namir (Wife)
  • Cersie (daughter)
  • Tipper Namir-O'Donnell (Sister in law)
  • Mr. Namir (Father in Law/mortal nemesis)
  • Mrs. Namir (Mother in Law/deceased)
  • Momma Dorpe (Adopted Mother)
  • Murphy Dorpe (Adopted Father)
  • BoB Dorpe (Cousin/Best Friend)